Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail sector is a fast-changing world and one of increasing challenges and complexities. The competition to conquer new markets and to develop customer loyalty is fierce and global. The advent of the internet means most companies have the whole planet as a potential marketplace and customer relations is constantly being reinvented. 

In this new world, company executives must be experienced leaders, highly focused, flexible and creative. They need to have a truly international background and be able, in an increasingly digitized world, to develop their brand and their business.

Winning companies are those which have a long term vision for their market, are customer-driven, flexible, reactive and attractive to key talent.

IIC Partners and its global Consumer & Retail Practice Group helps leading companies find the world-class talent they need to successfully meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

IIC Partners has an unrivalled knowledge of all the key Consumer & Retail sectors and markets, whether they are emerging and fast-growing, such as Asia and South America, or mature such as Europe and North America.

In order to deliver tailor-made and highly specialized services, the Consumer & Retail Practice is organized into five sectors:


  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care products
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Household goods
  • Advertising and communication
  • Digital and direct marketing


  • Broadcast and cable television
  • Home entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Gaming and betting


  • Hotel and resort
  • Theme parks
  • Restaurant and food service companies
  • Car rental


  • Fashion and accessories
  • Beauty
  • Watches and jewellery
  • Lifestyle companies


  • Department and specialty stores
  • Mass merchandisers, supermarkets and hard-discounters
  • Direct mail operations companies
  • E-retailers
  • Building brand awareness and reputation in a digital world
  • Leading a business across multi-markets and multi-channels environments
  • Dealing with a new type of multi-channel world: physical retail and e-retail
  • Management of directly-owned stores network and development of innovative merchandising techniques
  • Developing new customer relationship management approaches
  • Mastering supply chain complexity

In each sector, our specialized and highly experienced consultants have both the strategic and the functional expertise to clearly understand our clients' business needs and the market in which they operate. The IIC Partners Consumer & Retail Practice Group also understands the issues of diverse cultures and markets, providing discernment and value-added counselling in the selection of new talent. 

The Consumer & Retail firms we recruit for range from midsized to multinationals and may be publicly traded, family-owned or private equity-backed. IIC Partners Consumer & Retail Practice Group consultants have in-depth experience in recruiting across a wide range of managerial - CEO; General Manager, Country & Business Unit Manager - and strategic roles - Marketing, Sales, Retail, Supply Chain, CRM and e-business.